Website got you down? I solve website problems.

Hello.  My name is Bob Hubbard and I help Smart Companies take their websites higher. I solve problems. I make things better.  Do you want to move your business to a new level? Let me show you how. Do you need help driving traffic to your website? I can make you more visible. Is your website listless and poorly focused? I can get you on track and on your way. Have I mentioned, I solve problems.

But, I’m selective about my clients. There’s an old saying “Is there gonna be a test?”  Yup.  I only want to work with people who are hungry. People who know where they want to go and can’t wait to get there. People who understand time is money.

There are 5 Things you MUST have in order to work with me.  Do you have:

  1. A Specific Goal?
  2. A Target Audience?
  3. A Passion for what you do.?
  4. A Team?
  5. A Budget?

If your answer to those 5 questions is YES, then we might be a good fit to work together. So let’s see if you’re ready join the elite ranks of those who have partnered with me to grow their businesses.

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I’ve held certifications for more technical things than I can remember, including ones from Microsoft, Comptia and more. I’ve been building websites since the 1990’s.  Before that I built PC’s, and wrote computer games. I launched a web hosting business in 2001, sold it in 2010, and relaunched a managed hosting business in 2013.  In 2001 I launched what would become one of the largest general martial arts communities, and in 2005 launched what would become the leading kenpo karate community. In April 2014 I sold both of them. I’m an award winning professional photographer, a decent woodworker, and my wife says I make the best BBQ chicken she’s ever had.  In short, I’m good, I’m excited and I’m 100% confident that I can get you results.  Just ask these guys:

Ken Stuczynski
Ken Stuczynski Kentropolis Internet

I am dead serious when I say would NOT want to run my business without him personally handling my server(s). Bob enables me to support a local business to manage a nationally-located data-center, and build a real people relationship in an over-automated service industry. My most important vendor, he is also a long-time friend and I consider him strategically a partner and part of my staff.

Website: kentropolis.com

Scott Torwalt
Scott Torwalt Last Ride Digital Video

In 2008 I enlisted the aid of Silverstar Webdesigns inc. to design and build the website for my film project. With much collaboration the website was completed and looks great! Bob still does site and forum upgrades regularly and is always open to suggestions, and making suggestions, regarding other improvements.

And six years later we are collaborating on a new website!

Website: lastridedigitalvideo.ca

Rich Parsons
Rich Parsons Rich Parsons
Bob and SilverStar WebDesigns, have been my hosting and support and site builder for just short of a decade. Bob would build the initial site and then turn it over to me for management of content. He would continue to host to make sure up time was maintained. His dedication to making sure that the servers were up and that the site had appropriate security was and is very appreciated. I changed over from standard HTML to Word Press, and Bob assisted with the move and has been supporting with all the updates required for security and service. I send people to Bob for these services.

Website: http://fmaclub.net/

Craig Mason
Craig Mason Sudbury School of Martial Arts Training Center
I have been dealing with Silverstar Webdesign Inc. for several years now. Silverstar Webdesign took over the upkeep of my website in a professional manner and was always available for consultation. Bob works with my ideas and suggestions to give me a site that meets my needs. . He works behinds the scenes to maintain and upgrade my site so that I can concentrate on running my school. Very happy with the ongoing support and feedback that I receive.

Website: http://ssomacanada.ca/

 I’m a web site designer, web site host, WordPress consultant, forum administrator, professional photographer, graphic artist and a problem solver.

So, if I haven’t scared you away, and you’re ready to get things started then

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