The Importance of Security

It’s vitally important today that you have a secure website. Every day thousands of websites are hacked or otherwise compromised by malicious hackers. If your website is hacked, your online reputation can suffer. You lose the trust of your clients, your visitors and prospects.

To keep your website secure there are three key things to keep in mind.

Number One:
You must have secure web hosting. It is important that you host your website on a web host that takes security seriously. If your host does not keep their servers up to date, or do regular and routine security checks, you run the risk of having your site hurt should the server be compromised.

Number Two:
You must keep your website up to date. One of the leading causes of a website being hacked is old versions or abandoned versions of software. Old WordPress installations, old shopping carts, old web forms, old galleries and so on. You should make sure that and you have no old as I call them Construction the breeze on your site creating holes that hostile attackers can use to break in.

Number Three:
You must practice safe computing. By safe computing I mean do not click on all of the bank notices, “you want a gift card” notices and free “this and that” notices that come in your email. It means you do not give information out when people call you on the phone and ask for it. It means you do not leave sticky notes around your computer with your passwords. You use strong passwords. If your password is “Kat 123” it’s going to be very simple for someone to break it compared to if your password is some kind of gobbledygook.

By hosting your site with secure and reliable host, by keeping it up to date and removing old clutter, and by taking a few precautions, you can significantly improve your web security.